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Even from a strictly SEO and content marketing perspective, many existing companies are not considering businesses from an all-inclusive and macro perspective. This is why a digital marketing agency that approached your business holistically was something dearly needed. MCM truly caters to all your digital marketing needs by placing your Business, its Competitors and your Customers centre stage. 

What Services Does a Digital Marketing Agency Offer Businesses?

    • Traditional and Digital marketing
    • Strategic positioning
    • SEO Strategy and implementation
    • Social media marketing strategies
    • Cross promotional campaigns
    • Holistic multi-platform approach
    • Ecommerce stores and Service-oriented businesses

    Strategically approaching your business ensures a competitive advantage is achieved.

    A comprehensive digital strategy will distinguish your business from the competition and create loyal, repeat customers, attract targeted leads and increase the number of conversions.

    Strategic and Customer Driven Marketing

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    Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

    All digital marketing initiatives must ‘grab’ your audience’s attention and immediately! People’s attention span continues to dwindle with reports suggesting it’s now a mere 4 seconds! It was difficult enough after findings revealed that a human being’s attention span was 8 seconds, which is even less than a fish!

    Your digital marketing efforts must capture the user’s interest quickly, effectively and inspire them to want to share what they’ve seen, read, watched or heard. This is no mean feat. Executing campaigns that prompt this immersiveness and propel your business further can only be handled by a professional digital marketing agency

    To truly succeed in the fiercely competitive digital landscape, it’s imperative that you select a digital marketing company that is innovative and offers a strategic and tailored approach. This is where MCM excels. Our understanding of both consumers, businesses and search engine requirements is something on which we pride ourselves.

    Why MCM is a Leader in the Digital Marketing Space

    We are consummate professionals, which means knowing the evolution of marketing on the web and how to incorporate digital marketing into your overall marketing strategy.

    There have been many notable changes, revealing new trends in marketing. We are dedicated to ongoing research, ensuring that you and your business are kept apprised of developments and transformations in digital marketing.

    What’s distinctive about digital marketing is that it expertly addresses the use of mobile applications, including messaging, email marketing and analytic reporting in real-time. Years ago, it was fashionable to talk about online marketing, but today this term is simply passe.

    Best SEO practices caused a shift in online marketing techniques. How to engage the user and best capture their attention began to evolve. The annoying website banner ads and flashing pop-ups that hindered the website experience were soon replaced with thoughtful engaging practices, like informative and valuable blogs and a much greater social media presence.   

    We help you convert visitors into leads, leads into customers and customers into loyal, repeat consumers. And we do it by engaging the user via our superior digital marketing strategies

    Top Digital Marketing Agency for Both Physical and Digital Realms

    My Content Marketer is about professionalism, innovation, creativity, dedication, commitment to your vision, redefining your image and forward thinking marketing strategies. The team at MCM is renowned for its astute and innovative marketing strategies. It’s for this reason that we assist companies with their traditional marketing in addition to their digital marketing needs. The following provides information about many of the marketing oriented services we provide.

    • Competitive research and analysis
    • Analyses of metrics
    • Comparative analyses of direct competitors
    • Comparative analyses of indirect competitors
    • SWOT analysis
    • Content marketing strategy
    • Strategic marketing strategy
    • Consumer behaviour
    • Brand optimisation
    • Branding and Rebranding
    • Consumer centric analysis
    • Comprehensive SEO strategy
    • Technical/structural SEO
    • On page SEO
    • Digital marketing strategy
    • Off page SEO
    • Advanced SEO (voice, local, rich snippets etc)
    • Establishing your business as a thought leader

    Why Choose MCM as Your Digital Marketing Company in Australia?

    MCM’s Sydney based digital marketing agency embraces the most current SEO techniques and combines its initiatives with valuable strategic marketing. Differentiating your business from competitors and providing added value for your customers enables your business to maintain its competitive advantage. All efforts aim to drive more traffic to your website, generate leads and increase conversion rates. 

    According to Australian internet and social media statistics, social media marketing is most definitely an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. There are currently 18 million active users across social media platforms in Australia. This is quite remarkable given Australia’s population estimated at 25 million.

    Business insider reported on Deloitte’s mobile consumer survey citing that “90% of Australians have direct access to a smartphone” and close to “90% of social media users access social media via mobile”. Google is the preferred search engine in Australia, accounting for 95% share of the market. It’s easy to understand why digital marketing companies in Australia MUST be aware of the growing mobile phone usage and level of engagement, approximately 5 hours a day and via mobile devices.

    In Australia, it’s more important than ever that you select a digital marketing agency in Australia that is up to date with Australian internet usage, mobile statistics and voice search acitivity. This is why MCM is many companies preferred digital marketing agency choice.

    A Strategic and Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing

    We keep apprised of all the latest statistics and ensure that these valuable insights are clearly conveyed to our clients. This commitment to research governs all of our marketing endeavors, as without ongoing market research and development, your brand simply won’t remain competitive.

    We best utilise your digital marketing budgets and guide you on the preferred platforms for your business. If you want to launch and or grow your business, then it’s crucial that you develop a strong, intelligent and innovative social media presence.

    “A website that isn’t optimised is like standing in a shopping centre waving your arms but no one can see you”

    Natalie Rebecca Hechtman
    Founder, My Content Marketer

    Customer Driven and Strategic Digital Marketing Techniques Help Businesses Succeed

    SEO Web Development

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    Digital Marketing Strategy: The Importance of Your Content

    Any content that appears as part of your digital content strategy must be optimised. Obviously any content, irrespective of the preferred media channel online needs to follow best SEO practices. Many people are now aware of the fact that creating the perfect blog from an SEO perspective, requires a lot more than merely great writing. Some people have begun to perfectly optimise their images, while many SEO companies still forget the importance of best SEO practices when considering images, graphics and infographics. However, as social media platforms become even more saturated, being found among the countless other posts, images, videos and graphics has become that more difficult.

    Developing and Uploading Video Content

    Another topical discussion relates to best SEO techniques for your video content. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo are just a few of the platforms you might be using. When there’s so many to choose from, it takes a digital marketing expert to analyse your business, examine your competitors and select the platform that best reflects the needs of your business.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Why is Valuable Content Part of SEO and Digital Marketing?

    People often forget that a search engine’s role is to provide users with the best answers to their questions. Naturally, when a person spends time engaged with the content, it’s a signal to search engines that it’s useful and therefore deserving of attention.

    When your website is properly optimised, reflecting valuable and informative content, Google views your website as the most relevant for your industry. While there are many factors, this is an important reason why certain websites rank higher than others.

    Why is Email Marketing a Crucial Component of Digital Marketing

    If someone ‘landed’ on your website and took the time to traverse the site, they need to be acknowledged and remembered. Email marketing helps you better communicate with your target demograhic, identify what is working and why. 

    We prepare lead generation emails for our B2B clients and in the preparation of campaigns. A lot of thoughtful research is conducted.

    In addition, we consider where recipients are placed in the sales funnel, as this helps to determine the specific tone and concept for each campaign. Buyer personas are evaluated and each group is specifically addressed.

    Similarly, if someone just joined your Blog, make sure you honor them by responding to their comments.

    You might think that with a repeat customer, you can now merely sit back, thinking the work is done. Quite the contrary, the work has only just begun.

    • What initiatives are you taking to ensure their continued patronage?
    • How are you differentiating your company from the plethora of others?
    • How are you making this valued consumer feel valued?

    If you merely send offers, tacky 10% off coupons, how will this inspire them? What about a thoughtful poem emailed on their birthday, an actual concept that unlike a hard-sell is value added and subtle?

    MCM’s Email Marketing Tips; Best Practices for 2023

    Email marketing has been widely used and for a long time. It’s still extremely popular but most companies are simply using auto-generated emails and blasting them to all contacts in their database. The marketing strategists at MCM do things differently.

    Just like Google’s view on content, we value quality over quantity. We liken most companies’ email marketing strategies, as them throwing darts at a board, hoping that at least one will stick.

    Well, that sounds like a very unsophisticated strategy and one that completely disregards the most important person in the equation – the recipient of the email. This person is either an existing customer or a prospective customer. Unless you’re making them feel valued, how can you expect to retain them, let alone convert them into loyal, paying customers? Specifically targeting their wants and needs is a crucial component that must be included in email marketing campaigns.

    Professional SEO services help your business stand out from the 2 billion websites online

    Strategic Questions Every Business Should Be Asking


    • Do you know your opening rates, and on various devices?
    • What is your CTR (click through rate) and bounce rate?
    • Do you monitor your unsubscribe rate?
    • What initiatives have you implemented to better convert recipients?

    These fundamental questions are often overlooked or ignored by many companies.

    Our digital marketing professionals take the time to conduct thorough analysis and create ways in which you can better target and improve conversions.

    If you’re in the hospitality industry, you might be interested to read the recent worldwide study that revealed the following:

    • Total open rate for hotels is a mere 16.51%
    • CTR is only 6.93%
    • Open rate across all industries is 24.88%

    Clearly most people are not devising successful email marketing campaigns. It’s not about the amount you send, it’s the value attributed to the ones that you do.

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    Strategies to Help Your Business Attract Targeted Customers

    Optimising your website and online presence leads to better customer engagement, which means, satisfied customers, increased sales and better profit margins.

    Optimising your website and online presence leads to better customer engagement, which means, satisfied customers, increased sales and better profit margins.

    Optimising your website and online presence leads to better customer engagement, which means, satisfied customers, increased sales and better profit margins.

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