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MCM’s SEO packages are unique, as we customise them to best service our clients needs. We don’t merely provide traditional SEO services because we incorporate strategic marketing, research and analysis, content marketing, copywriting and optimised content creation in our optimisation packages. All of these components impact your website’s ranking and the user’s experience.

Considering your business as a whole and placing your customers’ wants and needs first, is what makes our approach different to traditional SEO companies.

Content marketing is a vital component of SEO, as well as best satisfying visitors to your site.

What Type of Optimization Package Should My Business Select?

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If someone is looking for your business on the internet, it is vital that your website appears prominently in Google’s search results. Without professional SEO services that enhance visibility, website traffic and generate leads, your website will not deliver the value that today’s competitive marketplace demands.

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Our SEO Packages Include Fixed Term and Ongoing Monthly Packages

Building a comprehensive SEO strategy is vital if you’re seeking to outperform the competition.

SEO services ensure that your company’s website reflects best optimisation techniques, in order to increase online visibility, drive more traffic and improve lead generation initiatives.

Off page SEO packages provide cross promotional initiatives, so that your social media platform, email marketing campaigns, PR and strategic marketing all work in conjunction with each other for optimal results.


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Monthly Services Help Businesses Remain Competitive and Better Engage  Customers

  • Website maintenance – maintaining the health of your website
  • SEO maintenance – repairing broken links, analysing metrics, providing reports
  • Website audits and site crawls
  • Strategic marketing – competitive analysis
  • Content creation – SEO blogs and articles, infographics, quizzes, surveys, SEO copywriting, graphic content, video content
  • On page SEO – Keyword research and analysis
  • Off page SEO – Authentic backlink aquisition
  • PR and media outreach

Do You Want To Better Engage Your Customers?

Our SEO Packages Are Customer Centric

Website Evaluation

A company’s website is its greatest sales tool. However, in order for it to be found by search engines and ranked highly, it must be optimised
We evaluate your website fully using a range of analytical tools ensuring it’s properly optimised and in accordance with best SEO techniques. Additionally, we consider the user experience and therefore analyse the frontend of the website, considering aspects such as user appeal and user-friendliness.

Comprehensive Website Audits

Maintaining your website and monitoring SEO is vital. Our SEO experts perform regular website audits, site crawls and link analyses to ensure the optimal health of your website and optimisation efforts.
Our professional SEO specialists are patient and explain everything in easy to understand language. Providing screenshots, reports and emails, means that you’re part of the SEO strategy and its implementation.

Competitor Analysis

We analyse your direct competitors’ websites, SEO initiatives, digital marketing efforts and positioning. Thorough research and analysis is required so that your business can outperform the competition.

SEO Content and Copywriting

Quality content that best engages visitors to your website is crucial. Our content creators employ best SEO practices, reflective of engaging, valuable, in-depth and unique content.
While content is a ranking factor, quality content is not merely about satisfying search engines. Valuable content helps you attract prospective customers, retain loyal customers and differentiate your business from competitors.

On Page Optimisation

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Are your webpages optimised?

Keyword Research and Analysis

MCM’s comprehensive keyword research and analysis follows best SEO practices. We help your business develop its own unique keyword language, in alignment with your business and target demographic.
Our keyword strategy reflects actual phrases your customers enter as search requests to attract prospective customers, who are in different stages of the sales funnel.

Authentic Link Acquisition

We only use Google approved methods in our link acquisition strategies. Backlinks are authentic, relevant to your business, industry and reflective of high authority sites.
MCM’s marketing expertise helps your business build real backlinks via strategic alliances, branding, outreach and other methods that also improve your business relationships and create a point of difference.

Customer Feedback Initiatives

Customer reviews are vital to the SEO process. Google cares more about what others say regarding your business than how you perceive your company. Our strategists help you devise cross promotional ways to link existing reviews and gain more customer reviews.

“A website that isn’t optimized is like standing in a shopping centre waving your arms but no one can see you”

Natalie Rebecca Hechtman
Founder, My Content Marketer

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